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Welcome to Real Health and Holistic Cures.

H&C brings to you the best options that one has when facing a health issue. More often than not, the treatments that you'll find for diseases on this site would be natural cures or alternative cures. When there doesn't seem to be alternative or natural treatments that work, I'll try to point you to the best possible conventional treatment or doctors. This site values your health more than anything else and everything you read will be in the your best interest, not in the interest of making money for the website (by the way, all the information on this site is free) or for greedy establishments that put money above humanity.

H&C cannot stand on its own without people who take the time to help each other. If you have/had a disease or know someone who recovered from an ailment, we would like to hear what worked for you or them. We will list it on this website. Product names can't always be listed in order to avoid spammers. Let's make a healthy planet. Together.

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